Status Report, 7 July 2014

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C B Wright
Status Report, 7 July 2014

Well... Pay Me, Bug! is finished. It's been finished for a long, long time.

Though I would like to re-record the podcasts, or possibly work on creating an audiobook. The PMB! podcasts were pretty rough, both in recording quality and in terms of my narration. It'd be interesting to re-do them to see if everything I've learned over the last four years would result in a better recording.

The problems with that, incidentally, are Cyrus and Mavis.

I have actually made attempts to re-record Chapter One, just as a test, and every time I do I wind up trying to do a Scottish accent for Cyrus' voice. Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot do a Scottish accent and nobody should be forced to hear my attempt. As for Mavis, I changed the way I did his voice at least three times over the course of the original podcast and I've no confidence I'd be any more consistent this time around.

I've thought about hiring someone to do a proper reading for an audiobook to put on Audible but I'm kind of worried the reader won't get Grif's cadence right.