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The Review Hart's Shen compliments the cover in the end of year awards:

Pay Me, Bug! by Christopher Wright is a nice piece of art, but in a very different style to Lisa Cohen’s and R.J Blain’s, both of which deserve an honourable mention. It clearly shows the main characters and gives some idea of the relationships between them.

and from Michael PMB! gets "Book I'd Most Like to Steal":

For the most part, the books she [Shen] picks up don’t call to me. Whether that’s the books themselves or my personal tastes is up for grabs, but the point of the story is that even her most beloved books fall into the Good For What It Is file of my Useless Memories brain-subsection, and they never receive the honor of my attention.

The exception to this that sticks out is the very recent Pay Me, Bug! by Christopher Wright. With a wit and humor that comes across in her review, this book just seems to sparkle with great choices and tight workmanship. If only I had the time…

C B Wright
Yeah, that was really cool!

Yeah, that was really cool!

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