Jenny in the Brownstone

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Jenny in the Brownstone

"Hey, guys," Jenny opened with as she entered the living room where her parents, uncle Toby and Pete Travers were currently settled. "You'll never guess who I ran into on the way here."

She was met with a quartet of blank stares, so she continued, "I was happily driving along-"

"Oh god," her mother muttered, too familiar with Jenny's driving habits.

"Happily driving along," Jenny repeated with a little heat before continuing, "When someone stepped onto the street right in front of me. Nearly mowed him right over."

"Oh god!" her mother exclaimed, though to be fair, uncle Toby also looked uncomfortably alarmed... if only for his political standing.

Jenny's father cleared his throat. "Is he still in one piece?"

"Not a scratch on him," she assured him. "Funny thing, though. The reason he stepped in front of me is because we both had a green light. Wierd, right?"

"A malfunction?" Uncly Toby asked.

"I dunno," Jenny shrugged, "But since he was coming here anyway, I gave him a ride."

It took a moment for this fresh information to sink in. Jenny stared at Pete Travers, who stared back until he guessed what she was inferring and grimaced. "Oh god," he muttered under his breath before leaving the room.

"CB?" Jenny's mother asked suddenly. At the mention of the name, she noticed her father's expression lighten as her uncle's darkened. "He came?" her mother added.

"He's outside right now," Jenny confirmed.

"Well then," her father said before striding enthusiastically from the room. Jenny stayed, her attention now on her mother, whose light blush was almost as intriguing as the smirk that was struggling to stay off her lips.


Came to mind as I started reading things through again and wondered how that conversation might have gone. I assume that once Jenny was out of CB's presence, she might have approached a state resembling giddy.

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Curveball's first fanfic!

Only off note in this is I'd probably make Travers more low-key about it (polite smile, hand goes to jaw, excuses himself) but it captures the rest of the family pretty well.

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