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Catching up....

Just binge read Curveball. Oh well, I didn't want to get anything done today anyway....

So, catching up
Shadows: Part one "It's surface all the way down" had me laughing uproariously. I have enjoyed the whole story so far (and I'm looking forward to the rest), but there were a handful of truly wonderful lines like that.

Enemies Within: Part two The pistol in the mouth just doesn't work like that.
1) I can't think of a large caliber pistol round that wouldn't make an exit wound when shot in the mouth. Even a blank round will leave a bloody wound in the mouth. Granted it might be a mouth wound because the paper wad wouldn't have enough mass to push its way out the back so the exploding powder would have to go back out the mouth, but it would be obvious and bloody. As Unmaker said, a .22 could bounce around the skull. The often do, but shot in the mouth they may exit. That's why ironically, a .22 is more dangerous at point blank range. A safety slug in a .32 might break up rather than break out. I wouldn't count on it, but maybe. From a large caliber pistol even a safety slug would break out of the skull at that range. Or maybe, just maybe a safety slug pointed at a vertebrae rather than the skull would completely frange before it exited. It is hard to point a pistol down like that though.
2) Fireworks burn gunpowder. Smells like burned sulfur. Leaves a cloud of smoke. Metals used to make colors may add a bit of metallic smell, but not enough to overcome the burnt sulfur. Modern weapons use smokeless powder. Smells of broken nitrates and hot metal when it explodes. Completely different smells. Smokeless powder is hard to describe though... To late to fix that chapter, but maybe another time you could say "Smelled the the booth with the firing range back when the Boardwalk had carny stalls."

I can't find the reference quickly, but in one of the comments you wondered how many people have looked at the book and walked away disappointed because it was all prose with minimal pictures. My experience was just the opposite. I like the occasional webcomic (Yay Old Skool Webcomic! Help Desk is fun.), but comic books generally, ugh! Waste of paper and ink. And a very difficult way to read a story. But I finally noticed that Curveball is listed on the Fiction dropdown, not the Comics dropdown. And I liked Pay Me, Bug! So I tried Curveball, and ... well, I owe my boss several hours work....

C B Wright
With the "no exit wound" I

With the "no exit wound" I was thinking of the ammunition being a hollow-pointed round, so my assumption was that it would deform quickly, cause a lot of damage, and not have the velocity needed to exit the other side. Though it would make perfect sense that the *entry* wound would be a mess -- that's an oversight on my part.

I wish I'd asked you the question about ammo scents before I wrote that, because the carny stalls thing would have been *perfect*.

Glad you're enjoying it so far! Now if I can just finish issue 24...

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