Site Design/Update Efforts

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C B Wright
Site Design/Update Efforts

Plans for website design changes are ongoing:

  • Mobile-friendly interface. I created something that was supposed to be mobile friendly a while back but during the testing phase all it really did was annoy people. That's really not what I'm going for, so... back to the drawing board. But this current interface is definitely not mobile friendly, so I have to fix that.
  • Make it work better. There are parts of this site that are awkward and inefficient. And even unweildy! Trying to find the right way to make content accessible without foisting it on everyone who visits has been a challenge.
  • Make it look better. It's not exactly a pretty site. This is sort of mixed up with "Make it work better" above because the more stuff I add the more cluttered it gets.

Three ongoing issues that will be resolved eventually.