Site Changes, Updates, Issues: 15 April 2014

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C B Wright
Site Changes, Updates, Issues: 15 April 2014

I use Mollom as my spam catcher (and I may have to upgrade to paying version soon, if the statistics I'm looking at are any indication). I it set up to ignore checking registered users -- basically I wanted that to be one of the (few) perks of having a registered account -- essentially, after you logged in and got past the captcha you'd be able to live a relatively harassment-free existence when it came to posting and responding here.

Alas that is now going away because the spambots have figured out how to create accounts on my server, captcha or no. So now you need a "verified account" in order to bypass all that stuff.

What is a verified account? It's when I recognize your account, go "yeah, that's a real person," then switch your account from "registered" to "verified." That works at the moment because there are about ten of you who are active posters who use your account. Someday in the future that will be harder to do...

1) It's nice to be in such

1) It's nice to be in such company.

2) When it gets harder to do, do you implement an Email-verification routine, or some such ID confirmation? Hopefully the tools already exist in your software platform, so you don't have to reinvent that wheel (or acquire a 3rd party plugin/wheel... :-)

C B Wright
I haven't thought that far

I haven't thought that far ahead yet. :)

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