Site Changes, Updates, Issues: 1 January 2015

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C B Wright
Site Changes, Updates, Issues: 1 January 2015

I had to nuke all the redirects I'd set up in the site a while back, doing so made a number of pages inaccessible--specifically, "about" and "faq" pages for the fiction and comics areas. I fixed that.

While I did this I also fixed some navigation problems with the "Ubersoft vs. GPF" storyline in the Help Desk archives.

Glenn (not verified)
Hey: First I love the comic,

Hey: First I love the comic, I actually have read the entire story line several times, And I await it's continuation, And I understand that other things going on make an actual regular schedule of updating difficult, And I have no problem with that, I do however get upset with myself for missing updates. So I would like to make a suggestion, Another comic that "Updates" On a shall we say an "irregular pattern" that I follow (loading artist) created a facebook page that automatically let's the viewers know when an update has occurred. Due to the limited number of links I can have on my bookmark task bar on my browser in Firefox I have moved the link to your page (As we as loading artist) to a secondary file, And honestly the last wave of updates was missed for several weeks, And that makes me sad.

Hey Glen, use the tracker

Hey Glen, use the tracker link (see at the top, to the right of "logout") as your loading page for this site. It will tell you at a glance if there are any new or recently modified pages. That is, it will do so most of the time, except when Chris does a major overhaul of the site and EVERYTHING is listed as new again, and it will work only of you accept cookies for this site. I don't know if you also need to be a "verified user" (as I have been for a long time), but I suspect not.

C B Wright
Sorry I didn't see this

Sorry I didn't see this sooner! It's been an interesting month. :-/

Glen, along with the tracker I just wanted to point out that there are a lot of RSS feeds you can subscribe to. The main feed is -- if you're only interested in comics (i.e., you have no interest in my fiction or in any of the other things I post) you can subscribe to

I notice that the main rss feed link appears to be missing for some reason. Hm. That's annoying...

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Glenn (not verified)
No web comic can be

No web comic can be considered "Active" And go months between updates, No interest in your other works, Best of luck. Deleting bookmarks.