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Open ForumAnything about Everything, as long as it's reasonably safe for work. Be civil.2 Topics · 3 PostsLast post: Vote early, vote often · 1 week ago · C. B. Wright
Admin and Site IssuesAdministrative and general site issues: bugs, feature requests, problems with user accounts, spam, and other various and sundry mechanical, behind-the-green-curtain stuff.4 Topics · 18 PostsLast post: Possible incompatibilities with Au … · 6 months ago · C. B. Wright
ComicsLast post
General Comics DiscussionYou can talk about any comic you like here. Even the ones that aren't mine.3 Topics · 20 PostsLast post: Help Desk: Archive Migration Progr … · 2 months ago · C. B. Wright
FictionLast post
General Fiction DiscussionYou can talk about any fiction you like here. Even the stuff I haven't written.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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CurveballThis is where I talk about writing Curveball, on those times when I feel like talking about writing Curveball. It's also a place where you can talk about Curveball.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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The Points BetweenSee above, but replace "Curveball" with "The Points Between."0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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A Rake by StarlightHere I talk about the sequel to "Pay Me, Bug!" in all its (currently) incomplete glory.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
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Pay Me, Bug!I put this here because I didn't want it to feel left out. First novels can be awfully sensitive.1 Topic · 2 PostsLast post: Podcasts · 6 months ago · C. B. Wright
Podcasts and AudiobooksLast post
General Podcast/Audiobook DiscussionTalk about whatever podcasts or audiobooks strike your fancy.1 Topic · 4 PostsLast post: New podcasts soon... · 8 months ago · C. B. Wright
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