Superheroes are real. Someone wants to kill them all.

Liberty, America's first and most famous superhero, has been murdered. As most of the nation mourns, a few wonder if there's more to the story than people are being told. Heroes and villains come together to learn the truth behind the crime, and uncover a conspiracy much larger -- and more deadly -- than they expected.

What is Project Recall?

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A Rake by Starlight

Politics is dirty. Piracy is just a little smudged.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, has a problem: he just stumbled across the single most dangerous thing in his part of the galaxy. It isn't a thing he would have looked for, if he'd known about it, but since he has it he figures he might as well try to sell it.

The problem is, it's not the kind of thing you can sell without taking a side... and taking sides makes you a walking target for all the other sides you didn't take.

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Pay Me, Bug!

Never bet against your Captain.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, just pulled off the job of a lifetime... but with great success comes unwanted attention. The government he stole from wants to find out how, and they've sent one of their best to track him down. A second government wants him to do it again, and they're willing to blackmail him to do it.

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Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 18

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WHEREIN Our Hero Attempts a Graceful Exit

The ward was sealed, as Amys had said, and every other room in the ward was empty. While convenient, it wasn't something Grif found particularly reassuring: empty rooms were rooms that didn't make money, and Grif was fairly certain MediCorp could fill the rooms with little difficulty. If a ward was empty of everyone but one patient, it was done so deliberately. The important question was "why?" The first answer that sprang to mind wasn't one Grif liked very much.

They slipped into a room near the sealed door. Grif could see the nurse's station through the door's window, and a bit of the bustling hallway beyond. He sighed.

"We really need to get out of here."

Amys' mouth curled into a crooked half-smile. "Brilliant. That's why you're the captain."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 17

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WHEREIN Our Hero Awakens in a Strange Place, to Familiar Circumstances

When Grif regained consciousness he realized two things:

First, the smell told him he was in some kind of medical bay. Second, the smell also told him it wasn't the medical bay on board the Fool's Errand.

He tried to sit up, but couldn't. He was strapped down to something: first he thought he'd been tied to a bed, but a moment later he realized he was actually attached to a device that ran down the side of his bed, covering his left arm and part of his chest. He panicked as he realized he couldn't feel his left arm.

"Don't move," someone said.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 16

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WHEREIN A Previous Disagreement Is Finally Resolved

Grif leaned back and stared at N'grash doubtfully. "Really. A Sword."

"A Sword," N'grash repeated. "He is known as the Viceroy. You are in danger, Tester."

N'grash's people had a tradition of labeling everyone they knew. It was, N'grash claimed, an attempt to know the essence of another's soul. Grif's soul, it seemed, was hard to label--or was non-existent, as N'grash occasionally claimed--because she was never satisfied with any label she chose. When they'd first met she called him "Trickster," then "Jester." She found neither label satisfactory, and would occasionally replace it with a new one: "Mocker." "Liar." "Madman." "Fool." Lately she had taken to calling him "Tester," because, she said, he insisted on testing the boundaries of everything and everyone he met.

"The Viceroy?" Grif frowned. "Never heard of him. Name's a bit ostentatious, though, isn't it? Nothing like a little hubris to start off your day..."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 15

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WHEREIN Our Hero Learns Of Yet Another Complication

When Amys, Grif, Morgan and Bennet entered Bay One they saw Cyrus and Ktk standing by the lift, arguing.

"Six hours," Cyrus insisted.

Ktk chittered in disagreement, insisting it would be at least twelve.

"All right then," Cyrus said. "That's the wager--six hours or less, I win. Twelve or more, you win. Anything in between is a draw."

Northlander - Chapter 00

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Northlander - Prologue

Magnus looked up to the sky, glaring at the dark clouds slowly gathering overhead. The clouds had followed his group for hours, and were finally threatening to overtake them; even as it seemed the storm was approaching, there was no indication they were anywhere near their destination.