Superheroes are real. Someone wants to kill them all.

Liberty, America's first and most famous superhero, has been murdered. As most of the nation mourns, a few wonder if there's more to the story than people are being told. Heroes and villains come together to learn the truth behind the crime, and uncover a conspiracy much larger -- and more deadly -- than they expected.

What is Project Recall?

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A Rake by Starlight

Politics is dirty. Piracy is just a little smudged.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, has a problem: he just stumbled across the single most dangerous thing in his part of the galaxy. It isn't a thing he would have looked for, if he'd known about it, but since he has it he figures he might as well try to sell it.

The problem is, it's not the kind of thing you can sell without taking a side... and taking sides makes you a walking target for all the other sides you didn't take.

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Pay Me, Bug!

Never bet against your Captain.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, just pulled off the job of a lifetime... but with great success comes unwanted attention. The government he stole from wants to find out how, and they've sent one of their best to track him down. A second government wants him to do it again, and they're willing to blackmail him to do it.

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Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 33

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WHEREIN Our Hero Wins a Wager in an Inconvenient Fashion

A day later they received word from Varkav Orbital Command that they were cleared to land on the planet's surface. They landed without incident and were searched once more without incident. That past, Grif decided it was time for Ebur to wake up.

Grif, Amys, Cyrus, Cutter and Bennet entered the secret hold in Bay Three to find Ktk had already assembled the bed where Ebur would spend most of his time. Cyrus and Bennet opened the stasis cylinder, and when Cutter turned it off Ebur shivered, then opened his eyes.

Grif grinned at him.

"Well come on," Ebur said, annoyed. "Quit toying with me. Turn the damn thing on already."

"Already did that. Welcome to Varkav. Now it's time to strap you to a bed and have Ktk shock you for a month and a half."

"Great!" Ebur said. "The best part of the job is when I get to be tortured by a bug."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 32

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WHEREIN Our Hero, Having Settled Matters to His Satisfaction, Considers the Relative Merits of Mercy and Justice

Eleven agents were dead, ten more were badly wounded. Carsons and Laris were both alive, though hurt from the two-G fall. Of Grif's crew, Cutter had been wounded in the arm by a gauss pistol and Morgan had taken a shot to the gut. Both would live. The others had only superficial injuries.

Ktk wanted to know what the hell was going on.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 31

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WHEREIN Our Hero, Upon Reaching an Impasse, Finds it Necessary to Assert His Authority

The Fool's Errand used a parallel-plate system to generate artificial gravity: beneath the flooring on each deck were gravity plates, and just beyond the ceiling were nullifier plates. This allowed each deck to have customized gravity settings, if necessary, and the nullifier plates ensured that the gravity well never extended beyond the deck itself, or outside the ship. Each plate was also independently customizable, so it was possible, for example, to set one plate at half a standard gravity and it's neighboring plate at two standard gravities, creating a startling and potentially dangerous gravity shelf where the two plates met up.

For the most part the granularity inherent in this technology remained unused; it was enough to turn off gravity while they were in tach, and turn it back on when they dropped back into normal space. However, when the ship was being boarded, the ability to wildly vary the gravity of each individual plate was extremely useful.

This was one of those times.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 30

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WHEREIN Our Hero and His Employer Have a Disagreement Over Matters of Procedure

When Grif returned to the Fool's Errand he found Cyrus and Amys waiting for him in Bay One.

They remained in character until the transport decoupled from the hull and returned to the Centurion. At that point all three let out a long sigh.

Amys grinned at Grif. "They didn't find a goddamn thing."

"That's right!" Cyrus laughed. "They went through Bay Three with a fine-tooth comb and still couldn't find the door! And you were right about the search party--some of those marines had been through here before. They didn't recognize the Wardroom, they didn't recognize our living quarters, and one of them kept asking me for directions the entire time. Nobody could tell it was the Fool's Errand, Grif. If they couldn't find anything now, I don't think they're ever going to find anything ever."

"Good," Grif said.

Amys frowned. "You don't seem too happy about it. How'd it go with you?"

Grif stared at the seal to the nadir lock and didn't answer.

Amys' frown deepened. "Grif? Talk to me."

Cyrus' good mood vanished as he looked from Amys to Grif. "Oh, hell," he said. "Something bad happened."

"Yeah…" Grif snapped out of it and turned toward them. "Just us on board, right?"

Amys nodded.

"Right." Grif headed toward the door. "Meeting in the Wardroom, one hour."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 29

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WHEREIN Our Hero Enjoys the Company of Proper Society

When the Centurion's boarding party arrived through the nadir lock, Captain Jobin Tax and the rest of the crew of the Alo Minh were waiting for them in Bay One.

Captain Tax, a calm man of considerable discipline, sternly instructed his crew to cooperate with the marines in every way. He spoke with an air of both authority and unconcern, absolutely convinced that his instructions would be followed to the letter. After a brief exchange with the Lieutenant in charge of the search, he suited up, descended the nadir lock, and entered the transport ship that would take him to the RTS Centurion.