Superheroes are real. Someone wants to kill them all.

Liberty, America's first and most famous superhero, has been murdered. As most of the nation mourns, a few wonder if there's more to the story than people are being told. Heroes and villains come together to learn the truth behind the crime, and uncover a conspiracy much larger -- and more deadly -- than they expected.

What is Project Recall?

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A Rake by Starlight

Politics is dirty. Piracy is just a little smudged.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, has a problem: he just stumbled across the single most dangerous thing in his part of the galaxy. It isn't a thing he would have looked for, if he'd known about it, but since he has it he figures he might as well try to sell it.

The problem is, it's not the kind of thing you can sell without taking a side... and taking sides makes you a walking target for all the other sides you didn't take.

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Pay Me, Bug!

Never bet against your Captain.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, just pulled off the job of a lifetime... but with great success comes unwanted attention. The government he stole from wants to find out how, and they've sent one of their best to track him down. A second government wants him to do it again, and they're willing to blackmail him to do it.

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Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 24

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WHEREIN Our Hero Goes Home

A few hours later Grif's arm was completely healed—it wasn't even sore, a far cry from the mostly useless thing he'd been dragging about the last time it was taken out of the machine. Aside from discovering his bill was paid in full, he and Amys learned the Baron had also arranged for transportation to take them back to the Fool's Errand: a high-end transport, the height of comfort in Tyrelos Station. Completely separated from their driver, they had absolute privacy.

For half the trip they said nothing, each staring out their own windows. Finally Grif sighed, shook his head, and looked at Amys ruefully.

"I'm an idiot."

"Not usually," Amys said. "Which is why it's so goddamn frustrating when you are."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 23

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WHEREIN Our Hero Talks Too Much

Grif opened his eyes to see a hauntingly familiar white ceiling.


He tried to sit up and was stopped, once again, by something gripping his left side. He looked to his left and saw a machine completely covering his left arm and side.

"Deja vu, Captain Vindh?"

Grif looked up to see a very familiar doctor standing in a disturbingly familiar doorway.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 22

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WHEREIN Our Hero Struggles with Probing Questions

Grif, Amys and Bennet crowded around the terminal display, studying a schematic of the hospital.

"Looks like we're here," Amys said, pointing to an area on the map, then at a door at the end of the room. "And it also looks like that door will take us out into the hangar. Grif, if I got you into one of the hospital's grav sleds could you fly it with one arm?"

"Yes." Grif didn't hesitate.

Bennet looked at Grif doubtfully. "We'd still need to get past the Station Authority guards. If I were giving the orders I'd have every exit under heavy guard."

"Yeah," Grif agreed. "It'd be nice to be able to convince them to go somewhere else..."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 21

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WHEREIN a Conspiracy is Uncovered, and Needs Reupholstering

Baron Minerva Tyrelos was very young for a Trade Baron. Because common medicine was able to extend the lifespan of humans by decades--and uncommon medicines were able to extend it far longer than that--that youth frequently worked against her. When her father died, and she assumed the title of Baron in his place, it was accepted by the corporations and holdings of Tyrelos Industries on a procedural level... but she quickly learned that many of her father's closest allies within the barony had difficulty thinking of her as anything other than a child. It didn't help that many of those allies remembered when she had actually been a child, or that she was considered beautiful... and therefore, for some reason no one could explain to her satisfaction, weak and malleable. In less than a month, the new Baron Tyrelos realized that her board of directors intended her to be a figurehead only and were maneuvering to effectively dismantle the organization her father had built.

The board was very surprised to discover that she had other ideas. It took years, but in the end opposition gave way to grudging respect, and eventually most of her enemies became her most outspoken admirers. She was a very hands-on baron, had learned the ins and outs of the businesses she controlled and kept abreast of the latest developments in the corporations and research and development firms working within the barony. She knew what her barony was doing, and she knew where it was going. She kept on cautiously polite terms with the larger crime families that operated in her space, and maintained polite but distant relations with the Radiant Throne and the Alliance of Free Worlds.

At any given time she usually knew more about what was happening in her space--especially in her city--than anyone else.

This, however, was not one of those times.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 20

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WHEREIN A Message is Received and a Decision is Made

Cyrus sat at the Sensor station on the bridge of the Fool's Errand, sighed, and took another drink from the bottle of Stellis he'd placed on Morgan's console. He wondered when Grif would get out of the hospital; he wondered when they would leave. He worried, vaguely, about what they would do when they finally did, and how they would get out of Varkav alive for the second time. He occupied himself with "busy work" in an attempt to distract himself. At present he was going over the official ship's inventory, making sure the declared items looked like a reasonable load of cargo for a merchant's first run in an unknown port.