Superheroes are real. Someone wants to kill them all.

Liberty, America's first and most famous superhero, has been murdered. As most of the nation mourns, a few wonder if there's more to the story than people are being told. Heroes and villains come together to learn the truth behind the crime, and uncover a conspiracy much larger -- and more deadly -- than they expected.

What is Project Recall?

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A Rake by Starlight

Politics is dirty. Piracy is just a little smudged.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, has a problem: he just stumbled across the single most dangerous thing in his part of the galaxy. It isn't a thing he would have looked for, if he'd known about it, but since he has it he figures he might as well try to sell it.

The problem is, it's not the kind of thing you can sell without taking a side... and taking sides makes you a walking target for all the other sides you didn't take.

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Pay Me, Bug!

Never bet against your Captain.

Grif Vindh, Captain of the Fool's Errand, just pulled off the job of a lifetime... but with great success comes unwanted attention. The government he stole from wants to find out how, and they've sent one of their best to track him down. A second government wants him to do it again, and they're willing to blackmail him to do it.

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Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 27

Submitted by C B Wright on
WHEREIN Our Hero, Having Returned to the Woods, Pretends He is a Tree

"It shouldn't matter," Grif muttered to himself. "Space is space, right?"

He stared out from the Pilot's Nest into the region of space where they'd dropped and tried to remind himself that some of the stars he was looking at weren't even in Throne space.

"Morgan, you're a scientist."

"Was," Morgan corrected. "Was a scientist."

"Right. In your formerly scientific opinion, how would you define space?"

"How would I define space?" Morgan had, apparently, been expecting the conversation to go in a completely different direction.

"Right. Space."

"It's the big empty thing with all the stars in it."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 26

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WHEREIN Our Hero Undergoes a Transformation

Ebur Tosk arrived at the Fool's Errand carrying nothing but two bags: one for his clothing and medicine, and one for the tools of his trade. The clothing he stashed in his cabin, the medicine in the medibay, and the equipment he handed off to Velis' people. He had four receptors with him, which were promptly examined in order to find the best way to hide them.

He was greeted with hearty enthusiasm by the crew and polite aversion by their passengers. The crew knew him, and they were quite happy to associate with him (when he was on his medication), but the passengers--all Alliance government officials--didn't trust rogue telepaths. The only officially recognized telepathic organization in Alliance space was the Order of Charlemagne, and they didn't associate with criminals.

The Fool's Errand left Tyrelos Station as soon as Velis received approval from Alef. Morgan, now familiar with the sensors, had no difficulty guiding them out of the proto-ring. After that it was a matter of waiting for them to get far enough out of the system to safely make the jump to tach.

And, of course, to anticipate and plan for unwanted attention.

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 24

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WHEREIN Our Hero Goes Home

A few hours later Grif's arm was completely healed—it wasn't even sore, a far cry from the mostly useless thing he'd been dragging about the last time it was taken out of the machine. Aside from discovering his bill was paid in full, he and Amys learned the Baron had also arranged for transportation to take them back to the Fool's Errand: a high-end transport, the height of comfort in Tyrelos Station. Completely separated from their driver, they had absolute privacy.

For half the trip they said nothing, each staring out their own windows. Finally Grif sighed, shook his head, and looked at Amys ruefully.

"I'm an idiot."

"Not usually," Amys said. "Which is why it's so goddamn frustrating when you are."

Pay Me, Bug! - Chapter 23

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WHEREIN Our Hero Talks Too Much

Grif opened his eyes to see a hauntingly familiar white ceiling.


He tried to sit up and was stopped, once again, by something gripping his left side. He looked to his left and saw a machine completely covering his left arm and side.

"Deja vu, Captain Vindh?"

Grif looked up to see a very familiar doctor standing in a disturbingly familiar doorway.