Curveball - Enter
The Abyss Gazes Back: Part One
Nautilus Conference Room

“I’ve been watching the building for the last week,” Grant says. “Look, you guys said you thought Haruspex was deep into this, so I thought it’d be useful to keep an eye on their HQ. I’ve been staking it out for the last two weeks, and today is no different than any other day. People go in, people go out, no unusual security movements, nothing on the police bands.”

“You’ve got eyes on the building?” Street Ronin leans in, a mixture of excitement and exasperation in his voice. “Who’d you put on it? I thought we’d agreed not to bring anyone else in.”

“I didn’t bring anyone in,” Grant says. “I’m doing it. Personally.”

“You can operate at that distance?” Robert asks.

“What distance? I’m right there. Joined a health club across the street, getting in a lot of cardio. Treadmill has a pretty good view.”