Horeb's Shadow: Chapter 04

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“He didn't do it.” Harold Morris puts his spiral notebook down on his desk and looks out the window, watching Pastor Marks get into his car and drive off.

“Agree.” George Ellers drinks cold coffee out of a ceramic mug with WORLD'S WORST DAD stamped on it. He's divorced, but he gets along with his ex: apparently it was a joke gift. Ellers thinks it's hilarious. “I'd like to know why you think so, though.”

Morris gestures toward his notebook. “Nothing adds up with him as the perp. Timeline is shot to hell. Takes too long to get from the house to the church, even if he's breaking speed records both ways. Too many witnesses in the neighborhood, especially after the screaming starts. And there's no way the Pastor could break down the front door like that.”

“Not with his bare hands,” Ellers says.

“And if he used something, where was it? It'd have to be big to do what it did to the door, and I don't think he could carry it and his wife while jumping from a second story window in his back yard.” Morris doesn't bother to hide the sarcasm in his voice. “Nevermind that it would have been easier for him to just use his housekey to get in.”

“Also,” Ellers says, “he's too not stupid for this.”

Morris arches an eyebrow. “Too not stupid?

Ellers shrugs. “Say it however you want. The way this played out was violent and direct. Even if the Pastor was really pissed off he'd think through more than that, and according to JJ his reaction at the scene was too raw to fake.”

“Yeah. I believe JJ.”

“Me too,” Ellers says. “But you realize we're screwed here, right? I mean, this is going to be another one of those cases.”

“I'm trying not to think about that,” Morris says. “Poor guy.”

Odd guy,” Ellers says. “A bad cop would have thought he was guilty from the interview alone.”

Morris frowns. “Why?”

“You could see him reading us,” Ellers says. “Well, you couldn't. You were too busy scribbling in your notebook the whole time. But I could. He figured out why we were asking every single one of our questions, and he answered them anyway. Piss-poor poker face, though—I could see him doing it. Bad cop would assume the guy was, you know, 'toying with them.'”

“Huh.” Morris looked at the spot where Marks was parked—empty now. “That's why I keep you around, George. I read the notes, you read the people.”

Elelrs laughs. “When they make the movie, I want Brad Pitt playing me.”

“You'll get Owen Wilson and like it.”

“Yeah,” Ellers says. “That would actually be OK.”


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Hiya! Back again! More

Hiya! Back again! More editing notes, but still liking the story!

watching Pastor Marks get into his car and rive off. - drive

“nothing adds up with him as the perp. - Capital N on nothing

carry it and his wafe while jumping from a second story window - wife

Fixed these too. Thanks!

Fixed these too. Thanks!

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