Horeb's Shadow: Chapter 02

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Fullerton Chronicle, Saturday Edition

A local community is in shock as violence strikes the Hillsford Hollow subdivision of Fullerton Heights.

Late Thursday night neighbors reported hearing a disturbance at the home of Elijah and Sarah Marks—the sound of “breaking wood” and then shouts and screams from someone inside. The police were called immediately, and neighbors arrived to provide assistance. Charles Reilly, 47, was one of the neighbors on the scene.

“My wife and I were watching TV,” Reilly says, “and then we heard the commotion. I went outside and saw that the Pastor's [Elijah Marks has been the Pastor of Foundation Baptist Church for the past six years] door was gone, just gone. I told my wife to call the cops, and when I heard Sarah screaming I grabbed my rifle.”

Mr. Reilly insists he recognized Mrs. Marks as the source of the screaming. His statement is backed up by Mr. Alan Simmons and Mr. Franklin Crestfield, also neighbors, who accompanied him inside.

“Chuck [Charles Reilly] had his rifle, I had my shotgun, and Frank had his service revolver,” Mr. Simmons explains. [Franklin Crestfield is a retired officer of the Fullerton Heights Police Department]. “We hurried up the stairs as fast as we could—we could hear Mrs. Marks screaming like anything. It was hard to hear. And we heard crashing. Frank shouted for whoever was up there to stand down, and we raced down the hall and there was the room—they used it for an office—with the door all busted up just like the front door. And when we got there she was gone.”

The room they use as an office was reportedly in complete disarray, and one of the windows overlooking the back yard was shattered. Mrs. Marks was nowhere to be found.

“It's just crazy,” Mr. Reilly notes. “The kind of strength it would take to do that to their front door, especially as fast as it happened. I mean, what kind of drugs do you have to be on for that? And the only thing I can guess is whoever it was grabbed her and jumped out the window into the backyard. And I don't know how you'd do that.”

Mr. Marks arrived on the scene afterward. According to eyewitnesses, he was visibly distraught.

“He was pretty undone,” Mr. Reilly confirmed. “Can't say I wouldn't be, if I was him.”

Police are currently interviewing Mr. Marks but stress he is not currently a suspect in the investigation.


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Few more edits, though if

Few more edits, though if this paper is like our local one, they could be legit misprints :P

door gone, just gone. -- door was gone?
and Frank and his service revolver -- and/had?
It as hard to hear -- as/was

Fixed! Finally! Thanks!

Fixed! Finally! Thanks!

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