Eviscerati.Org is now Ad-Free

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As I'm writing these words right now I'm looking at an ad on my site exhorting you to pay $5 in order to 30,000 Twitter followers. I'll say it again: an ad on my site is trying to hawk fake Twitter followers for five dollars.

And how much am I getting for the privilege of showing an ad promising to deliver 30,000 sockpuppets to your Twitter account after you pay them less than the cost of a Happy Meal?

Eight cents a day.

I think it's time to acknowledge that, for my site at least, ads just aren't working. I sort of liked having them around, because I really like Project Wonderful: I like the idea of bidding for ad space--it's more up front and honest than the impressions-based services out there--and I've always had incredible customer service when I've contacted them on techncial issues, even though I've probably been one of their more problematic customers.

I think Project Wonderful is a good service. And you won't hear me say that about banner advertising services in general. But the truth of the matter is that Eviscerati.Org is not a site that draws the attention of advertisers. There are other artists who have advertised on my site (and I hope they got some return for the money they spent) but for the last week I've been seeing this damn ad sitting in the upper right corner of my site for SOCK PUPPETS. It's not worth two dollars and forty cents a month.

So the ads are going down. I won't rule out bringing them back, some day, but I'm not going to have them just to have them, and most of you probably ignore them anyway. So here it is, ad-free Eviscerati, for your viewing pleasure.


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I saw that one, and thought

I saw that one, and thought "Oh, he's not going to like that" and here we are.

The Anono in your El.

The next step

So where's the donate button, where those of us who think Helpdesk is one of the funniest comics on the Web can help to fund your newly ad-free hobby?

Hmm... sockpuppets...

Maybe I should remember that if I ever run for office again. :)

Beyond that, I might slightly miss the PG-13 ones just for the eye candy, but otherwise I'm happy for you!

Here you go...

... there's a donation button up on the site -- again -- but the reason I took it down in the first place is that it never really got used.

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