Echoes and Consequences: Part Three

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Thorpe Island, Recovery Room

David Bernard lies in a recovery room in the medical facility on Robert Thorpe’s private floating island. This means, among other things, that he is currently hooked up to some of the most sophisticated diagnostics and monitoring equipment the world has never seen—so advanced that the phrase hooked up to is inaccurate, because the sensors that monitor his vital signs don’t require human contact to function. The only equipment physically attached to the man is an IV bag. Everything else is remote.

Artemis LaFleur sits in a padded chair next to Bernard, staring at a monitor, frowning deeply. He has the utmost faith in Dr. Thorpe’s equipment—it far surpasses anything he could have designed—but the readings don’t make any sense.

Echoes and Consequences: Part Two

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Thorpe Island, Robert Thorpe's Office

Robert Thorpe sits alone in his office, studying the information scrolling past his screen. Digital forensic teams have been going through all the data collected from the underground facility in Farraday City, and they've been forwarding him the most interesting bits all day.

And they are interesting. But they're not coherent—not yet. At the moment Robert's juggling, keeping each piece of information in the air until he can find the pattern that makes it fit. Very little fits at the moment, which is to be expected. They're working with incomplete data.

He rubs his eyes and leans back in his chair, reaching for the ceramic mug sitting on the edge of his desk. It's still warm enough to be tolerable, so he drinks, occasionally rubbing the bridge of his nose with his left hand.


“Yes, Robert.” The computer with the voice of his dead friend replies promptly.

“How are our guests?”

“Agents Grant, Hu, and Travers are comfortably settled in their quarters. Agent Grant is also exploring this facility. He is also walking along North Beach, throwing rocks into the water. He's also drinking at Donovan's Pub and Kitchen.”

Robert smiles slightly.

Echoes and Consequences: Part One

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David Bernard stands on the cracked stone floor of an open dojo in the middle of an endless grassy plain. A warm wind blows, carrying with it the smell of dry soil. The sky is clear and blue, and the sun shines hot on his face and neck.

It’s a simple dream, one he used often when he was trying to learn staff fighting. He’s not sure why he’s dreaming it now: it wasn’t by choice, which makes the setting unusual.

When he dreams spontaneously about a specific location, it’s usually about something he has an attachment to—the house he grew up in, the Sky Commando Unit, places like that—not a random set he constructed for his own amusement. He has no emotion invested in this place. There’s no reason for him to be here.

Out of the Woods, Heading to Civilization

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A quick update, with (it is my fervent hope) more enjoyable updates to follow in the days ahead:

1. I have a job! Huzzah.

2. I start Monday! Double-huzzah.

3. I start getting paid before Christmas! Triple-huzzah.

The only thing left is to make it to that paycheck, which is doable.

This going to be another complicated year, since it requires locating the family to Georgia. (Hello Farraday City!) But it beats homelessness and starvation, so I'll take it!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped out during this time. You helped a lot. I wouldn't have made it to this point without you. Looks like I owe you some stories and stuff.