The Month Of Feverish Creation

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Although February is significant for reasons far more worthy than my own, I am declaring that this February shall be my very own Month of Feverish Creation.

"What is a Month of Feverish Creation," you ask? It is a month where I spend every free moment creating. A month where I try to push myself as hard as I can to create as much as I can. How far can I go? How much can I take on? How much content can I create if I force myself to dive into it and stay there?

Comics, yes. Fiction, yes. Podcasts, yes. Anything else... maybe, but I figure that's enough to keep me occupied for quite some time.

So yeah, that starts Sunday.

Whom The Gods Would Destroy, They First Give Computers

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There are a lot of reasons why a computer will die on you, and I think I may have experienced most of them. The truly frustrating thing about it—for me, anyway—is that so many of those reasons look exactly the same at the beginning. A hard drive dying can screw up applications the same way that bad ram can screw up applications the same way that a cracked motherboard can screw up applications the same way that a bad video card can screw up applications. When you take the time to troubleshoot the problem, you can with time and effort figure out which problem it is—either by swapping out components until it starts working again, thus winnowing out the bad component (“aha! Everything started working when I removed Windows!”) or by running a very fancy program that tests everything for you, and three days later tells you the problem is expensive.

Yes, those are your only two choices. All the other possibilities are variations of those two choices.

Curveball Audiobook Podcast: Issue Two

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Curveball Issue Two in mp3 format, as narrated by the author.

Curveball Issue Two: Homecoming

Duration: 52:03

File size: 47.8mb

In the wake of Liberty's murder, family gathers in preparation for his funeral. Meanwhile, darker forces meet in an attempt to learn what he knew, and who else might know it now.

The Drums of War: Part Five

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July 20, 1992

The old man hangs in the air, frayed white linen hanging from his gaunt, feeble frame like the last drooping fronds of a dying willow. He’s lost track of how long he’s been there—months? Years? Long enough that he can barely remember anything else. The power that suspends him also sustains him—it is a prison, not a tomb—but it provides only enough sustenance to prevent his death.

Each day he struggles to master his hunger and his thirst, steeling himself to meet his captor, and each day they go through the same ritual. His former mentor and friend accosts him, threatens him, makes demands he cannot possibly fulfill—and, when the day nears its end, he threatens to do worse the day that follows. But for his captor that day never comes: he’s still trapped in the death-throes of the island, and when the island resets, so does he. And so the next day the old man is forced to do it all again, and the next day, and the next, a never-ending stream of being re-introduced to the man who betrayed him and the entire world.

Except that each new day brings even greater hunger and thirst, and each day it becomes harder to master. It cannot last.