Love Hurts

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The site was disabled today. Why, you might ask?

It's an interesting question. Initially everyone thought it was a Denial of Service attack... but it turns out that being linked on the front page of caused a massive influx of enthusiastic first-time viewers that brought the site to its knees.

Love hurts.

Internet Explorer 6, Thou Art My Enemy

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Internet Explorer version 6 is without a doubt a blight upon the Internet.

A pestilence, a putrescence, a profligate bastard-child of a lumbering giant that does not deserve the amount of time and effort I spend on trying to make it look right. A stellar example of base perfidy, it was designed to do nothing less than to break the World Wide Web.

"Solitaire is all anyone will ever need"

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From Bruno the Bandit, by Ian McDonald

One Laptop Per Child is, in my opinion, a laudible and worthy goal... to create low-cost laptops that are then distributed for free to children in developing countries.

This is a worthwhile effort. There are people who feel the project is a waste of time, and that people should be focusing on other, more basic problems, but I believe that focusing on any one problem to the exclusion of all others won't solve anything. OLPC won't save the world but that doesn't mean it won't do good things.

That said, sometimes I worry about what exactly people involved in the project expect the children are going to get out of it. Take, for example, the following quote:

"A child doesn't want to play the latest video games. He wants to be able to read a book."
-Michalis Bletsas, OLPC official, as quoted in Linux Today

This quote is offered as an explanation as to why the laptop isn't powerful enough to play the latest and greatest games available on the market today, and it makes me want to bang my head against the wall until I lose consciousness, just to give me a moment of sweet respite from the silliness of the idea.

What Bubble Are We Talking, Here?

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General Protection Fault, by Jeff Darlington. Now that's when you'll know there's a bubble...

This will a gentle cut, a minor nick if you will -- both because of the approaching holiday, when my thoughts ought to be focused on Love, Joy, Peace and GoodWill Towards Man, and also because I think the transgressor in this particular instance is more guilty of being too close to the perceived problem than he is of any kind of egregious journalistic excess.

That said, this caught my attention because it made the lists on Slashdot, and even the briefest episodes innocuous hyperventilation can suck all the air out of a room if you stuff enough people in it and get them to start hyperventilating at the same time.