Kernel Panic, OSW now appearing on front page

Submitted by C B Wright on

I've modified the site so that when a new Kernel Panic or Old Skool Webcomic is published, it will now display on the front page of the site for that day, and then disappear back into the depths of the archives. This should make it easier for fans of those comics to notice when they've updated.

In THEORY, what will happen is this: when a Kernel Panic or Old Skool Webcomic is published, it will appear on the front page for 24 hours, then disappear until the next udpate. That's the way it's supposed to work. We'll see.

A Quick Update on Site Features

Submitted by C B Wright on

A week ago I had to disable the bookmark feature on this site because it was generating rampant SQL errors whenever anyone tried to use it. This was a result of updating the bookmark module to a more recent verion.

I will be going back to a previous (working) version. Unfortunately, when I re-install the bookmark module all previously assigned bookmarks will be gone. I apologize for this... I was hoping to preserve them, but in trying to fix the problem I wound up breaking it more.

Technology Is Not Your Friend, But This Shirt Might Be

Submitted by C B Wright on

I am now selling merchandise:

I tried selling t-shirts a long, long time ago... it never caught on. But I really like this design, so I'm going for it again: "Technology Is Not Your Friend" is now more than just a spiffy site motto, it's a wearable spiffy site motto. Wear it to work... especially if you work in IT.