Famous At Last!

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Some of you have pointed out that Groklaw has taken notice of one of my many SCO-bashing strips from 2003 and had put it on their front page -- and called me a prophet to boot!

I always love being noticed by the good guys, and Groklaw definately qualifies there -- they cover legal Things of Import in the realm of technology and translate it for those of us who don't have time, patience, background, or the ability not to get distracted by shiny things when lawyers ramble on for 50 hours about a motion concerning a motion to consider the possible approval of a motion to allow evidence that was previously disputed to be reconsidered under Section 5 Title IV of the "The Only Reason This Got Passed Was That Iowa Needed Something To Attach An Ungodly Pork Barrel Rider To, And Besides That It's To Protect The Children" Act.

Back in Action

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The laptop is still non-functional, but my backup is in place and Help Desk returns!

I've received some good advice from people who have suggested that rather than assuming my troubles stem from a loose connection on my motherboard I should consider whether or not my hard drive is dying. I hadn't thought of that simply because the laptop is new, but I have to admit it's doing exactly what an old desktop computer did when it's hard drive was about to die.


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Unfortunately the computer I use to create Help Desk has developed an annoying problem of freezing shortly after it boots. This makes actually using it something of a challenge.

Fortunately I am now in the habit of making semi-regular backups. :) Still, I need to go through those to get everything I need to transfer it to my other computer.