Sometimes People Talk

Submitted by C B Wright on

It is very, very rare that I stumble across someone talking about Help Desk, and it's even rarer that the conversation goes into any great detail. So I was tickled to find this review sitting out there.

Apparently Mr. Roney started this blog in July and updates pretty regularly -- he posts a new review every two or three days on average.

I Got Groklawed

Submitted by C B Wright on

Apparently someone posted a comment on Groklaw that referred to this comic, which prompted a lot of people to come over here and take a look, which prompted the database to slow down, time out, and then crash. I had to reboot the server.

Not that I'm complaining. Please feel free to recommend, link to and visit this site so often that I need to upgrade the server. That's the kind of trouble I like.

Everything seems to be running normally now...