Connectivity Problems Update, Updated

Submitted by C B Wright on

This has got to be Karma of some kind. I spend 11 years mocking corporate tech support and what happens? I fall victim to a variation of one of the CLASSIC "stupid user" scenarios...

As you may know, and as has been reflected by the very sporadic updates to this site over the last few weeks, I have been having difficulty getting my cable modem to stay online. For a long period of time it was up for 5 minutes, down for 5 minutes, up for 5 minutes, down for 5 minutes, interrupted by periods of hours (or, in one instance, DAYS) of not being connected at all. A call to my cable company's tech support line was encouraging, because the tech I talked to was able to detect strange power fluctuations from the cable modem, and she scheduled a guy to come over and take a look.

Connectivity Problems, Updated

Submitted by C B Wright on

After a week of the cable modem being up, down, up, down, up when I'm on the phone with tech support, down when I get off the phone with tech support, etc., etc., etc... I was finally able to get on the phone with tech support while they were actively monitoring my cable modem while the damn thing connected and disconnected at least three times.

They now agree I have a problem. :)

Cartoonist v. Database (Round Two)

Submitted by C B Wright on

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I can tentatively award this round to me. Time will tell to see if everything is working the way I need it to, but so far so good.

When I moved off of Keenspot my long-term plan was to essentially run three sites: for the comic, for more detailed rants against the excesses of the Computer industry, and for... well, I hadn't quite figured that out yet (though I have now). When I originally set everything up I created three different Drupal installations, each with their own modules, their own databases, and their own logins.

This proved to be a royal pain in the neck to keep up to date. When Drupal was updated to 5.2 (a security release, so I needed to update accordingly) I had to upgrade three sites. Whenever a module was updated it had to be added to three sites. You, my readers, would be forced to create three separate accounts -- one for each site -- if you wanted to have editing privileges on the other sites. It was much too difficult to maintain, so I decided to focus on and hold off on the other sites until I could solve those problems.