C. B. Wright

So… noir?


And computers?

Mostly in an abstract sense, but yeah.

So a noir PC detective with an embittered alcoholic talking paperclip?

That’s the gist of it.


I did a Help Desk storyline where they were trying to come up with a commercial that would make people excited about using PCs. The gag got a little out of hand, so I announced I was going to spin it off into its own thing. I then promptly… didn’t.


Is this an abandoned comic?

No, I have every intention of finishing it.

But it’s been years since you’ve bothered.

Yeah, I’m like that. But PCTown isn’t dead, it’s just pining for the Fjords.

You realize that in the sketch you’re referencing, the parrot is legitimately dead.

Yeah, it was an ex-parrot. This, however, is not an ex-PCTown.