Old Skool Webcomic: Introduction

C. B. Wright
Two Circles and a Microphone

Two Circles, Mr. A and Mr. B, talking about whatever happens to tickle their fancy at the time. Old Skool Webcomic represents the cutting edge of web-based comic entertainment technology, circa 1999, and has entertained literally tens of people since its inception in early 2006. Violating almost every rule of What One Ought To Do To Have A Successful And Well-Crafted Webcomic, it clearly excels at doing so.

Published intermittently, it is the only remaining webcomic about sentient, talking geometric shapes with assigned letters as identifying designations published in vertical 405×750 format (on most days) that continues to exist in its natural habitat, the World Wide Web.

There are those who may question the wisdom of creating an information page, archive page, cast page, and FAQ for a webcomic that as of 25 Feb 2007 had all of ten comics to its name. This is a fair and reasonable question, but Old Skool Webcomic is neither fair nor reasonable, so an answer to that question will not be forthcoming, unless I put it in the FAQ, but you’ll have to read the FAQ to find out, which will only increase my page views and encourage me. Do you really want to do that?

Do you?

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Browse through the somewhat limited archives of Old Skool Webcomic, and marvel that someone would go through all that trouble to actually create archives for Old Skool Webcomic.

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For anyone who has ever asked “WTF???” This is TF.

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All things considered, this is going to be a very brief page.