Old Skool Webcomic: FAQ

C. B. Wright

Dude, WTF???


What the heck is this thing?

This is Old Skool Webcomic, a webcomic about two circles named Mr. A and Mr. B. They talk about things. And stuff. And occasionally there is Haiku.

Why? Just… why?

Back in the day, when Dinosaurs roamed the earth and the 14400kbps modem was considered fast, webcomics were not what you might call traditional. They were the Punk Rock days of webcomics — a lot of us who decided to do this really couldn’t draw worth a damn, and didn’t much care. Some of my favorite comics actually incorporated the lack of artistic ability into the comics theme — one in particular (I can’t remember the name, alas) had a character named “Badly Drawn Circle” that had the superpower “Photoshop Radiant Fill Effect.”

Ah, the good old days. Old Skool Webcomic is a tribute to that frontier spirit.

So it’s just two circles?

There was also a rectangle. And a rabbit.

Why is this FAQ even shorter than the other two?

It’s a webcomic about two talking circles. At the start of 2019 there were all of thirty comics. What else is there to say?