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Comic Transcript

A: Quit beating around the bush! What does “non-fungible” mean?

B: It means it can’t be replaced by an identical item.

A: What does that even mean?

B: Well imagine you bought something from a store that was defective. It’s under warranty, so you go back to the store and they replce the broken thing with one that works.

B: So that’s an example of something fungible. It’s replacable. It can be replaced with something that is exactly like it in every way.

A: So what’s an example of something non-fungible?

B: Well… we are. We’re both distinct individuals with fully-fleshed out personalities, so there’s no way we could–

(A file dialog box opens showing a list of files.)

(A file opens, showing an Old Skool Webcomic template, showing placeholders for Mr. A and Mr. B.)

(Text is added to one of Mr. B’s placeholders, reading “I am actually pretty fungible.”)


B: Not cool, cartoonist. Really not cool.

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