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Blockchain of Solace

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Comic Transcript

A: So blockchain basically keeps track of cryptocurrency transactions.

B: Nothing is considered a legitimate transaction unless it has been recorded in the blockchain. And it’s really heavily encrypted, so it’s effectively impossible to hack.

A: Oh, come on. There’s no such thing as something impossible to hack.

B: Well, let’s put it this way. It’s not really feasible to do it now. In ten years or so it may be possible ot hack blockchain with quantum computers.

A: It’s not feasible now, at a time when cryptocurrency use isn’t really widespread, but it will be possible in ten years after it’s had time to establish itself and get popular?

B: Er… yes?

A: You realize “wait until new technology becomes ubiquitous then use it to destroy the world” is the plot of almost every spy movie made in the last decade.

B: It’s also been the unwritten goal of every computer company since 1975.

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