Trying to Relational

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Comic Transcript

Fickle database
you refuse to fall in line —
sleep, alas, denied.

A: We have decided to re-enact the Cartoonist’s great struggle with this site’s database.

B: That’s right! I’ll be playing the part of the database!

A: So without further ado:

B: *Ahem*

A: You are a circle.

B: I am a triangle.

A: No… You are definitely a circle.

B: I am certain I am a triangle.

A: You don’t fit the criteria for a triangle.

B: And yet I have three sides.

A: No you don’t! You don’t have three sides!

B: Who said I did?

A: You did! Just now!

B: Then I must be a triangle.


B: I never said I wasn’t!

A: You said you were a triangle!

B: Well maybe I’m both.

A: … you can’t be both.

B: I’m operational!


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