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AfterThought Status

Afterthought Status
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Comic Transcript

(Because stick figures are just too complicated.)

A: We’re back!

B: You can thank calamity in the cartoonist’s personal life for that.

A: I can?

B: He sprained his ankle yesterday, and he’s been too distracted by recent events to work on the REAL comics.

A: I hate being second fiddle to those comics! They get all the glory! All we get are scraps!

B: You’re right. We ought to do something about that.

NARRATOR: Will the circles come up with a plan to raise themselves out of relative obscurity? Will they be able to strike back against the other comic strips that deprive them of their hard-earned glory? Tune in and find out!


A: Why does rectangle get to be the narrator?

B: His uncle knows the producer.

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