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Comic Transcript

(Right now, this minute,
if you listen you can hear
Heidegger weeping.)

A: I’m sad.

B: Why is that?

A: Because yesterday you said we didn’t exist.

B: That’s not what I said. I said we weren’t real.

A: It’s the same thing!

B: No it isn’t.

A: It isn’t?

B: Not at all! Plato thought that all imagined things were based on perfect forms that existed apart from reality.

A: So if we are variations of a Platonic form then in some way we exist?

B: Exactly.

A: Hurrah for philosophy!

B: Descartes, on the other hand, thought that the only way to prove existence was to be aware of your own thought. And since we’re cartoons and don’t actually think —

(B disappears. A is alone.)

A: Now I’m sad again.

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