Kernel Panic

Unrelated Activities

Unrelated Activities
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: As I see it, the problem we’re facing is that our replacements are mostly a bunch of semi-competent dolts.

JACK: Lars is good people.

ALAN: I said mostly. Thing is, the fact that we were replaced with guys who don’t even come close to our level of experience means recruiters are wondering if our level of experience is even necessary.

ALAN: The fact that the Dork Brigade is still doing our old jobs has really hurt our credibility in the market.

MARTIN: That, and we also lied to management, based our system on Linux when we were supposed to migrate over to Nifty Doorways, then wound up getting all our business equipment confiscated by the Secret Service.

ALAN: I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

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