Kernel Panic

Bad Timing

Bad Timing
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Comic Transcript

JOHNNY: Look, Alan, I think one of the reasons we’re having so much trouble is that we’re trying to get jobs individually instead of as a team.

ALAN: You don’t get hired as a team unless you bid on contracts as a team. Unfortunately none of us really has any experience with the bidding part.

JOHNNY: What if I told you that one of hte members of our team has already lined up an incredible opportunity that would potentially restore our reputations and return us to our former glory?

ALAN: Well, I guess I’d ask youw hich member of our team did that.

JOHNNY: What if it was the one who was mostly responsible for the Secret Service confiscating all our stuff and getting us fired?

ALAN: I would tell Jack to hold Steven down while I strangled him with ethernet cable.

STEVEN: I really need to work on my timing.

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