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Missed It By That Much

Missed It By That Much
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: Well, here we are again. Anyone find a job yet?



JACK: It’s a tough market, man.

PAUL: yeah, I had one. It didn’t work out.

ALAN: What happened?

PAUL: I got hired to do some development for the local CSI. You know… the police forensics people. i was pretty excited about it. Until they started talking to me.

ALAN: What happened after they started talking to you?

PAUL: I’m no longer allowed within 500 feet of my former manager. And I’m under house arrest. They gave me one of those ankle monitor things.

ALAN: Then how are you… ?

PAUL: I found an iPhone app that will clone an ankle monitor, sync up with its GPS and emit the same signal. So I left my iPhone at home and installed Android on my ankle monitor.

MARTIN: That’s almost like having a shoe phone.

PAUL: I know!

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