Kernel Panic

Unflattering Term

Unflattering Term
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Comic Transcript

ARNAULT DRECK: IT is a numbers game, Alan. A mature, fully-stocked, well-run IT department can get away with being somewhat expensive so long as everything works well enough that nobody bothers to think about them…

ARNAULT DRECK: But when you’re faced with rebuilding your entire department from scratch it becomes necessary to invoke the ancient corporate law that is best summarised as “Thou shalt use the lowest bidder.”

ALAN: We don’t really get paid that much.

ARNAULT DRECK: True, but there’s an experienced techs who get paid even less.

*Marty enters*

ALAN: …oh, no.

MARTY: Hi there, Boss. We’re ready to move in.


ALAN: You outsourced our department to the Dork Brigade.

MARTY: That’s not our name.

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