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Of Peas and Pods

Of Peas and Pods
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Comic Transcript

ARNAULT DRECK: Alan, I like you. You have spirit. In fact, you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age.

ALAN: I do?

ARNAULT DRECK: Well, there are a few differences.

ARNAULT DRECK: You were hired because of your technical background, I was hired because my father knew one of the members on the board of directors. You worked your way to your current position, and have steadfastly refused promotions ever since despite showing some potential for lower-upper management. I deftly sidestepped and politicked my way up the corporate ladder until now I run the entire company despite my technical ignorance.


ALAN: That seems like more than a few differences to me.

ARNAULT DRECK: Mostly it’s just what I say to make my employees feel that we have something in common.

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