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The Other Bait and Switch

The Other Bait and Switch
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Comic Transcript

JOHNNY: I got an email from Steven last night.



MARTIN: Don’t let Alan hear you. He’s still pretty mad about the F.B.I. confiscating all our computers and the coffee machine because of the way Steven hacked Wikipedia.

JOHNNY: Oh, right.

MARTIN: So what’s Steven up to? Has he found another job?

JOHNNY: Yes… apparently he’s working at a phishing store.

MARTIN: A phishing STORE?

JOHNNY: That’s what he said. He seemed pretty excited about it.

MARTIN: How exactly does a phishing store work?

(STEVEN stands behind a desk. Next to him is a sign that reads JEBEDIAH’S BAIT & TACKLE. Under that sign is another sign that reads ASK ABOUT OUR NIGHTCRAWLER SPECIAL.)

STEVEN: (Thinking) This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

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