Kernel Panic

A Quick recap

A Quick Recap
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Due to a the length of time since the last episode, the author sees fit to provide a BRIEF RECAP of the events that have already transpired…

NARRATOR: This is the IT Department of NIFTECH, a company that specializes in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS software development.

NARRATOR: This is their BOSS, who has no idea that this employees are in fact using LINUX on all their network systems instead of UBSERSOFT’S NIFTY DOORWAYS operating system.

NARRATOR: Arnault Dreck, PRESIDENT and CEO of NifTech.

ARNAULT DRECK: Is there any… LINUX USE going on around here?

NARRATOR: Duplicitous Employees.


NARRATOR: Recently, Steven decided to make EXTENSIVE EDITS to WIKIPEDIA in an attempt to RESHAPE IT IN HIS OWN IMAGE.

STEVEN: All Wikipedia edits on VAX must be purged for the greater good!

JOHNNY: Why are you so evil?

STEVEN: It’s the sweater.

NARRATOR: When Steven impersonated a UNITED STATES SENATOR in order to edit Wikipedia entries on POLITICIANS HE DIDN’T LIKE, the SECRET SERVICE entered the picture.

JACK: The Secret Service just confiscated all our computers, man.

SOMEONE OUT OF FRAME: Steven just climbed out a window!

NARRATOR: Which brings us to our heroes’ LATEST PERIL!

ARNAULT DRECK: I can’t help but notice that our network seems a bit more sluggish than usual.


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