Kernel Panic

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: You wanted a tour of everything, so I’ve designed this tour to show you all the computers we use. At the same time, the tour has been set up to take into account your level of expertise.

ARNAULT DRECK: Excellent! Let’s begin.

ALAN: Sure thing. You’ve seen the computers to your right. Behind me you’ll see more computers.


ALAN: To your left you’ll see computers, and behind you is another row of computers. The two rooms across from my office have computes, and the closet to your left is full of computers that don’t work.

ARNAULT DRECK: What about the room next to your office?

ALAN: That’s the conference room. It has one computer.

ARNAULT DRECK: Right! I’m off to lunch.

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