Kernel Panic

Showing the Boss Around

Showing the Boss Around
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: All right… let’s get this over with. This is the heart of our… er… Nifty doorways Network.

NARRATOR: We’ve secretly replaced Arnault Dreck’s Nifty Doorways network with a network running Linux. Let’s see if he notices.

ARNAULT DRECK: Why are there only two monitors?

ALAN: To save space for more computers.

ALAN: We don’t need to see every computer running at the same time. So we just switch the monitor over to the computer we want to look at, then switch it again when we want to see another.

ARNAULT DRECK: You know my boy, with that kind of setup you could switch between only the machines you wanted me to see, and I’d never know the difference.

ALAN: Really? That’s very interesting. And it also never occurred to us. And on an unrelated note, Jack owes me five dollars.


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