Kernel Panic

Disaster Strikes Quickly

Disaster Strikes Quickly
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Comic Transcript


JACK: “I can’t explain it… Despite the fact that I was trying to end its existence on this computer, that paperclip kept trying to HELP me when I didn’t WANT it to. It was creepy, man…”

BINKY: You should take advantage of a buffer overflow here so you can get more direct access to my files!

JACK: Cut it out.

BINKY: Oooh! Neat! I never would have thought of that!

JACK: Cut it OUT.

JACK: “That’s when it happened.”

BINKY: Wow! I can’t wait to show Phil!


JACK: Wait!

ALAN: “Ping?”

JACK: That’s the sound it made when it mailed my program off to everyone stored in its mailing list.

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