Kernel Panic

Armageddon’s Aftermath

Armageddon's Aftermath
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: Since you’ve unlocked my office door I can only assume you’ve managed to come to some sort of agreement?

JACK: Hey man, all I did was make sure everyone fought fair.

ALAN: So, how’d it go?

JACK: Well, Paul had the upper hand at first. He’s a pretty strong guy. But Martin, Johnny and Steven triple-teamed him and took him down. Then Johnny and Steven ganged up on Martin.

JACK: Johnny and Steven were pretty winded by then, so they resorted to name-calling. You know, “Debian is run by Nazis,” and “Red Hat is the new Ubersoft,” that sort of thing.

JACK: Finally Steven told Johnny that if he had a choice between Debian and OSX, he’d choose the Mac.

JACK: That’s when Johnny grabbed a chair.

ALAN: Debian it is.

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