Kernel Panic

Taking It Well

Taking It Well
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Arnault Dreck, President and CEO of NifTech, Inc.

ARNAULT DRECK: In conclusion, while we understand your group feels that a mixed UNIX platform has many advantages over a 100% Nifty Doorways solution, we feel there are strong advantages to pursuing an industry standard, cutting-edge next-generation tool like the one Ubersoft provides. To that end, we will begin migrating to it immediately.

ARNAULT DRECK: I understand many of you have rather strong feelings about this, and I appreciate the way in which you’ve dealt with this news — calm, collected, and with the utmost restraint.

ARNAULT DRECK: Speaking of which, I’ve asked security to wait at least an hour after I leave before they untie you and remove the gags.

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