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A Circle and a Half

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Comic Transcript

CUSTOMER: Look. It should be obvious to ANYONE that I am not colluding in a far-reaching effort to assassinate one of the richest men in the world. I’m just writing a story about everything going on in Twitter and how its CEO appears to be slowly unraveling at the seams.

ALEX: The Press isn’t exempt from the Twitter Terms of Service.

CUSTOMER: I didn’t violate the terms of service! I talked about Musk banning a Twitter user who posted publicly available information he didn’t like, and then talked about the publicly available website the user moved that information to after the ban.

ALEX: … a website which was posting his location data. Ergo, it was doxxing.

CUSTOMER: On the very same day, Musk posted some dude’s license plate online!

ALEX: He was a very bad man.

CUSTOMER: How am I supposed to know that?

ALEX: We just told you.

CUSTOMER: You also told me I was transmitting assassination coordinates to the Internet.

ALEX: You were transmitting assassination coordinates to the internet.


ALEX: Only because we stopped you.

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