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Comic Transcript

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: It’s not exactly a secret that our leader isn’t from around here. It’s not his fault that most of his language transmits on a frequency beyond the range of human hearing, and that the only audible part is a baseline repeating sequence that we interpret as “Don’t be evil.”

SCOTT: I guess it isn’t his fault — exactly — but Google has definitely taken advantage of the perception that “Don’t be evil” was a substantive statement, not an unintended byproduct of the actual message.

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: Be fair. Explaining a complex interaction between trans-dimensional energies isn’t something that rolls off the tongue. Until very recently there was no way to give the general public the context they needed.

SCOTT: So what changed?

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: Are you familiar with “Yanny or Laurel?”

For the few of you who haven’t run into this one yet:

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