The Doctor Is Out

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Comic Transcript

MARK: So basically they’re telling me to delete everything. All my backups, all my documents. All of it.

MAX: Tricky. You working on anything classified?

MARK: Not for the last year or so. Theoretically this should all be available to the public.

DOC: Well, I gotta go.

MARK: Wait, what? Come on Doc, I need your advice!

DOC: Look, kid, I have a pretty sweet gig right now. I just can’t buck the system the way we used to. My advice is delete the files, feel bad about it, and cash your check and donate to the ACLU.

MARK: Seriously? That’s your advice?

DOC: That, or steal the data and try to run for it.


MARK: I’d like a third option.

DOC: All my third options require really good health plans and filing for workers comp.

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