Help Desk

Delivering To Spec

Comic Transcript

FED: We need to talk.

MARK: That’s never a good thing to hear coming from you guys.

FED: We were wondering if you’d made any progress on the “Special Files” project.

MARK: You mean the project where you want me to delete all the documents I have containing scientific and other useful data?

FED: We never said delete. We said “move to the Special Files folder.”

MARK: The “Special Files” folder is my computer’s trash folder, which you renamed “Special Files” yesterday morning.

FED: I’m not interested in assigning blame. I’m interested in seeing your results.

MARK: It’s not possible to see my results because the result is an absense of data. If I do it right, what you see is “nothing.”


FED: I’d like you to show me nothing.

MARK: That’s exactly what I intend to do.

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