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ADALAI FOULE: As to sentencing… well, this is admittedly unusual, but I think it might hold up.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: What are you talking about?

ADALAI FOULE: Normally being found guilty of being a public nuisance means you pay a fine. However, the Judge feels more punitive measures need be taken…

ADALAI FOULE: To that end, the Judge has decided Ubersoft must take up a highly undesirable but socially necessary activity for a predetermined period of time.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I don’t think I like where this is going.

ADALAI FOULE: Ubersoft is hereby ordered to perform community service by way of creating a web comic satirizing the computer industry. The comic must run for at least 20 years.


VIKTOR SCHRECK: So that’s what? 60, 65 hours?

ADALAI FOULE: Something like that.

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