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Comic Transcript

ALICE: Boss, we have a problem. Some “Internet Privacy Rights Group” is calling for a boycott on our products.

THE BOSS: There’s always a group complaining. Let them rage, it matters not.

ALICE: That might have been true ten years ago, but we’re not as strongly positioned as we used to be. We have to pay attention to these things.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: That said, I have an interesting notion.

THE BOSS: You wish to sue them for violating our intellectual property?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: No, I wish to file criminal assault charges against them.

THE BOSS: Did they attack you?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Not me, the company.

THE BOSS: They assaulted the company?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: No, not really.

THE BOSS: But you can succeed in court?


THE BOSS: Release the hounds!

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