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An Unsatisfying Explanation

Comic Transcript

MARK: Look right now I don’t actually care whose fault it is. Right now I just want to know what it means and how to work around it.

PHIL: Beats me.

MARK: … Phil, you’re a programmer again, right?

PHIL: Sure, but–

MARK: And were you one of the programmers who implemented the Nifty Doorways Eleventy install process?

PHIL: Yes, but–

MARK: Then why can’t you tell me why I’m getting a little error box that says “There was a thing” instead of something more useful and informative?

PHIL: Oh, OK. Yeah, I can tell you that.

MARK: Great.

PHIL: We were in a hurry to get the installer done in time for release so we glossed over some stuff.

MARK: You GLOSSED OVER some stuff?

PHIL: We may also have been drinking.

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