Continuity Check

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Comic Transcript

MONK: Mark, I’ve got Phil here and I put you on speakerphone.

PHIL: Hey Mark. Been a while.

MARK: Phil? That you?

PHIL: Yeah. things haven’t really been the same since you went off to do your Top Secret thing.

MARK: Look, it’s great to hear from you and all, but what does Marketing have to do with this error message?

PHIL: Huh?

MARK: I heard you got moved to Marketing. Because Apple turned you into a fancy dresser with a mustache.

PHIL: Oh, that. No, I’m back to normal now.

MARK: You are?

PHIL: Yeah, the Apple conditioning didn’t take, Drinky got me drunk, I’m back to my old self.

MARK: So this is probably all your fault, then.

PHIL: Just like old times!

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