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COMCAST LAWYER: Your Honor, while we understand your reluctance to preside over litigation on something that hasn’t technically occurred–

FCC LAWYER: There’s nothing technical about it. It literally hasn’t happened yet. Right now, at this point in time, Internet Service Providers are not regulated under Title II. you can’t litigate something that hasn’t happened!

COMCAST LAWYER: Ubersoft v. Verant, Your Honor.

JUDGE: What?!?

COMCAST LAWYER: Ubersoft sued Verant over the use of the name EverQuest on the grounds of “potential psychic trademark infringement before the fact.”

FCC LAWYER: That has nothing to do with–

COMCAST LAWYER: Before the fact, your Honor. Before.


JUDGE: Bailiff, I need you to–

BAILIFF: Whatever it is, the answer is “no.”

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