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The Road Already Taken

Comic Transcript

JUDGE: After having heard what I’m sure you think are well-reasoned and fully fleshed out arguments in favor of your position, I’ve decided to deny your request.

JUDGE: The Court has reasonably decided it has an interest in ensuring it has access to the evidence it needs to reach a responsible conclusion. Therefore, you are enjoined from doing anything that will result in the destruction of said evidence.

FED: Well, I guess the Court has spoken.

JUDGE: Yes it has. Now please turn over all the evidence that is relevant to this case so we can move forward.

FED: Can’t. We destroyed it.

JUDGE: … I just ordered you NOT to.

FED: This is embarrassing.

JUDGE: Embarrassing? Son, we just spent the last two weeks arguing over a court order you’ve already defied! What on earth would cause you to behave in such a fashion?

FED: Mostly? We were pretty sure we’d win.

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